timePlay...digital age story telling  

timePlay is a cloud-enabled digital story telling app for websites and mobile devices. Users can create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging parallax and 3D timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.

timePlay is for anyone who uses the Internet or mobile devices. TV stations, agencies, newspapers, journalists, celebrities, government organizations, politicians, financial institutions, community managers, museums, universities, teachers, students, non-profits and bloggers all can use timePlay to create timelines and publish them on the web, iOS (iPads and iPhone) and Android devices.

timePlay is great way to increase traffic and user engagement on your website or mobile app. timePlay is the fastest and easiest way to bring history content to life with stunning parallax , 3D and multimedia timelines.

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Key Features

timePlay is ready to roll. Get in the driver’s seat; it was made just for you. Like a glove (cutting-edge technology included).

We pride ourselves on building solutions that meet the needs of our clients and help them meet their objectives. 

timePlay is simple and user friendly: no need to be a programmer to use the it with its easy to use timePlay Visual Builder!

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AJ is a partner that not only provides a platform and services but that excels in the design and development of innovative and attractive front-ends.

We will build unique, fully customized apps and gamified experiences that will engage viewers online and enable them to connect with your brands and advertisers.

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Platform Ubiquity

One platform, one back-end, and as many front-ends as you like, all playing nice together.

timePlay is platform independent so whatever you create with the timePlay builder is available for the web, iOS and Android amongst others including Windows Phone 7.