Joint Venture between AJ and Lucid: LucidAJ


We are happy to announce today a new Joint Venture between AJ and Lucid: LucidAJ.

LucidAJ is a joint venture partnership between Lucid and AJ Management Consulting. The purpose of the partnership is to combine the strengths and resources of both companies to pioneer new technologies for the 21st century.

Lucid was founded in 2005 to focus on immersion technology research. In 2007, it released Lucid Viewer, the first web based application for viewing immersive video on the internet. Since then, it has continued to develop immersive video applications for both the desktop and mobile devices. For more information on Lucid visit

AJ (AJ Management Consulting or AJ Consulting) is based in New York with regional presence in the US, Europe and the Middle East. AJ has unique capabilities in transforming businesses & solving their toughest challenges through technology innovation. AJ delivers innovative solutions to a number of focus industries including media, government, event management and aviation.