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Second screen commerce and storytelling: a match made in heaven

Television stations and brands have been going all out to engage their viewers and customers via social media. And they’ve been right to do so. Mobile device purchases and usage have soared as people become increasingly connected 24/7. The boom in second screen viewing (watching TV while simultaneously interacting on a mobile device) is just one of the many trends that have emerged from this new form of mobile-mania.

Product placement 2.0

Now companies are looking to do more than engage: they want to turn fans into paying customers through Second Screen Commerce. According to Business Insider Intelligence, over 40% of tablet users already shop on their device while watching television. All that is left to do is ensure that viewers buy the products and brands featured in the program that they are watching.

Stand out with timePlay

Converting second screen viewers into second screen consumers is trickier than it sounds. A classic and effective method for standing out against the rest of the ad noise is to engage individuals through storytelling. AJ Cloud Consulting’s timePlay story telling app provides businesses with a solution for creating, sharing and collaborating with potential customers on interactive, visually engaging parallax and 3D timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps. The timePlay timeline is a unique forum that simultaneously engages audiences and connects them with offers and products that match their likes and interests in real time.

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