SocioTactics-the platform

Fan today, client tomorrow 

SocioTactics is a cloud-based platform with the magical ability to turn a fan base into a revenue-generating client base. Ok, it’s not magic… just our state of the art technology. With SocioTactics, brands and fanbase owners can stop scratching their heads about how to take their relationship with aficionados to the next level.
Together we will engage your fans in innovative ways, through gamified experiences, social media and tailored front-ends. Matching their needs with your offers is a win-win for everyone. SocioTactics makes it simple and fun. We’re ready to get started, are you?

Core Module

The start of a great adventure

At the base of SocioTactics is our Core Module. Think of it as the gateway to all things wonderful. This module was built to enable brands and fanbase owners to start unlocking the potential that lies within their fanbases. Our cloud technology is fully compatible with the CRM and can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms as well.

Combined with our inventive front ends, like timePlay and gamified experiences, the Core Module will enable you to capture critical information and open the doors to future monetization. It’s is made up of two main components:
Monitoring and Moderation
Two-way communication is crucial for building a dedicated community online. Gone are the days when brands would send out their well-crafted marketing messages and audiences would absorb them without question. Today individuals pledge allegiance to brands, groups and companies that cultivate a dialogue, provide forums for sharing and are active participants in the discussion.
Don’t be scared. This is really good news. You just need the right tools to harness the power of online communication. SocioTactics delivers simple and customizable control over the discussion taking place in your online home. You can’t possibly control what every individual is going to say (nor should you try to) but you can decide what does and doesn’t get published on your turf.

Social Media

The Social Media revolution has completely changed the way that companies connect with their target markets. Initially viewed as the Wild West of the internet, Social Media has become a new and powerful way for brands and groups to reach fans, increase brand loyalty and build communities. Having millions of fans is great, but what’s the next step?

We reckon you should start by knowing exactly who your fans are. SocioTactics capitalizes on the mountains of information that individuals provide via social media about their likes and needs to build a database of “social personas”. These personas are 360° and include a level of in-depth data that simply cannot be collected through traditional company websites. The catalogue of detailed persona information - distilled from terabytes of junk out there -will be the foundation for targeted campaigns that will speak to your fans. The better you know them, the better you can serve them (and your brand at the same time). Advertisers are increasingly shifting their ad dollars online and expect a demonstrable return on investment. Through SocioTactics you can provide them with opportunities to advertise only to desired audiences that are likely to be interested in their product.
Oh, yes. It’s a whole new world out there.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze this

Knowledge is power, but big data does not equal knowledge. Amassing huge quantities of information is completely useless if you can’t do anything with it. Knowing that 2 millions tweets mentioned your brand last year is a start. Knowing what was being said, who was saying it and whether or not it was positive is power. This is where SocioTactics’ Advanced Analytics Module comes in. 

How does it work? 

Our Advanced Analytics starts by listening to what’s going on. Then it delivers key information on trends, sentiment, opinion leaders and so much more. It provides analysis that you can use to further your marketing strategy and achieve your objectives. With Advanced Analytics insight you can build targeted campaigns and sell your products to individuals you know are interested in what you are selling.

Using the customizable dashboard you can drill-down, slice and dice the data any way you want. It will become your best friend in the building stages your campaigns and will stay by your side as you analyze the success of each campaign in real time and quantify (at last!) your return on investment. 

And here’s the icing on the cake. SocioTactics Advanced Analytics provides analytics for up to 1200+ days. Believe us when we tell you this is a rare trait. 


Give the people what they want

Brands and fanbase owners have become experts in building online communities with an interest in their products and services. Where they’ve been struggling is in capitalizing on their fanbases to generate new revenue streams. Fear not, the SocioTactics Monetization Module is here to help. The Monetization Module has a secret recipe for success…

Step 1: Make it relevant

No one likes getting spam, your fans included. Submerging them with offers they have no interest in will not result in sales. Neither will bombarding them with ads for products they couldn’t care less about. You’ll only succeed in angering them as well as your advertisers (and you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry).
SocioTactics taps into the Advanced Analytics to enable the creation of direct targeted campaigns. Monetization through advertising can also be very effective but only if you know who your fans are. Matching the wants and needs of your followers with your offers or an advertiser’s product is a no brainer.

Step 2: Make it engaging

The more fun and engaging it is, the more likely users will want to go to it… over and over again.  With SocioTactics and AJ you can reach targeted individuals using fun, innovative and engaging platforms and methods, such as:

timePlay: An innovative front-end allowing collaborative posting on an interactive timeline. A great place to post offers and competitions while engaging a discussion with fans.
Twitter Campaign: Cool technology that enables brands and companies to monetize tweets and sell products via tweet using a “Buy Now” button. It redefines instant gratification.
Gamified Experiences: Socially engaged users love to play games. Providing them with a branded gamified experience is a gateway to monetization.
Web and Mobile Apps: Fun and thoughtful apps custom-built to appeal to your potential customers. The possibilities here are endless.

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There is something about Social media.

Everybody wants to take Social Media out on a date. You’ve just found your wingman. 

We will build unique, fully customized apps and gamified experiences that will engage viewers online and enable them to connect with your programs and advertisers.

Enabling our clients to unlock the potential of social media is at the heart of CloudTV. Our platform was designed specifically to enable TV and Media players to maximize business value through social media management and analytics. CloudTV taps into the vast wealth of data, mines it and feeds it back to the business so that it can be used as a powerful tool to further your business objectives.

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Like a glove

Our CloudTV is ready to roll. Get in the driver’s seat; it was made just for you.Like a glove (cutting-edge technology included).

We pride ourselves on building solutions that meet the needs of our clients and help them meet their objectives. 

CloudTV is simple and user friendly: no need to be a programmer to use the system.  Once business users have undergone a short training, they will be able to use the platform and make customizations themselves.

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Can’t get enough of SocioTactics?

You want more? Let’s become partners in innovation.

SocioTactics is a partner that not only provides a platform and services but that excels in the design and development of innovative and attractive front-ends.

We will build unique, fully customized apps and gamified experiences that will engage viewers online and enable them to connect with your programs and advertisers.

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Platform Ubiquity

One platform, one back-end, and as many front-ends as you like, all playing nice together.

Operating with the SocioTactics platform significantly reduces interoperability issues. Our end-to-end platform operates seamlessly with our SocioTactics and CloudTV modules: Content and Workflow Management, Social Media, Digital Asset Management and Monetization,Experience Gamification & Advanced Analytics.

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The only way up is the cloud.

With the cloud, all of your headaches go up, up, up in the sky. Never to return.

Operating on the cloud is an essential aspect of our system that delivers significant value to our TV and media clients. In the cloud there are no bandwidth or capacity issues. Space becomes elastic, meaning that large amounts of high quality video content, apps and more can be managed and used in CloudTV. Excessive configuration costs and time wasted are eliminated from the equation through the use of our cutting edge cloud technology.

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