Social Media Curation & Management

It’s huge. It’s everywhere. It’s totally manageable.

The social media boom has profoundly changed the landscape for TV and media. To date many actors in the TV and media industry have been simply monitoring social media and missing out on the tremendous potential that it represents. 
One of the key aims of CloudTV is to enable our clients to make the most of what we know isn’t just a passing trend. Capturing everything that social media has to offer can deliver numerous benefits including increased viewership and the creation of new revenue streams (ex. targeted online advertising / sponsorship, gamified experiences and cutting edge monetization through ‘paying tweets’).
CloudTV’s Social Media module implements complementary components to unlock the potential of social media for our clients: 

Interaction & Engagement

If you built it, they will come.
There are 250 million tweets every day. The most effective way to make sure that tweeters are conversing about and creating hype around TV programs is simple.  TV and media companies need to proactively engage individuals by encouraging them to connect positively and dynamically with shows online. 
CloudTV delivers engaging front-ends where viewers can interact and express their opinions on TV shows in real time via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, our tailor-made gamified experiences will provide them with innovative and fun ways of participating with their favorite shows and sharing the results on social networks. 

Curation & Moderation

Finding the needle in the haystack. Every time.
Viewer tweets and posts can be used to deliver positive messages about shows and create a buzz on social networks. But with so many of them being created at the same time, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Managing what posts get published on the front-end is a critical function of CloudTV’s Social Media module. 
Curation and moderation functions make certain that out of the thousands of posts your viewers generate, only the ones you want make it onto the front-end. Through a combination of customized filters and moderator input CloudTV makes sure that your message is delivered to your target audience through the tweets and comments of your engaged second-screen viewers. And yes, that is much more powerful than one way communication.


Go with the flow.
And what if you could capitalize further on these desired tweets? Integrating Twitter feeds (beautifully curated and moderated of course) in live shows has many advantages:
  • Rewarding tweeting viewers by publishing their content live
  • Encouraging additional viewers to engage with the show on a second screen
  • Strong messaging delivered by viewers that is on point with your marketing strategy

CloudTV’s Social Media module enables live feed publication safely, simply and in real time by relying on our expert teams that are proficient in curation and moderation.


Lost in translation? Not anymore.
If knowledge is power, then the avalanche of data generated through social media and in particular by your engaged viewers is good news, right? Not necessarily. Since the boom in social networking, keeping up with and making sense of the huge amounts of new information available has been a challenge for the industry. 

Without the ability to break down data and analyze it in a meaningful way, this new flow of information serves very little purpose other than providing measurable indicators (ex. Number of tweets or likes). 
Making the most out of the data available is a key component of CloudTV Social Media. Detailed reports generated by CloudTV analytics provide insight into: 

  • Who is tweeting, liking and commenting (second screen viewer demographics)
  • What they are saying (sentiment analysis)
  • When they are active 
  • Who are the opinion leaders
  • What trends are emerging

Access to this type of information enables TV and media players to anticipate trends and act proactively. Knowing your engaged online audience opens up interesting possibilities for targeted advertising and can provide production with important data on who is watching and how they are shaping the debate online.

The strength of CloudTV’s analytics is that is plugged into the CloudTV platform and is constantly collating and analyzing data gathered through tweets, likes and comments on the front-end as well as through participation in gamified experiences. This information is analyzed and fed back to the business in the form of relevant and customized reports that can be used to generate revenue and shape strategy. 


CloudTV is a set of cloud-based and mobile technologies that enable industry players and marketers to address the real opportunities around social TV from content delivery through curation to analysis, making it possible for you to shape the field as it evolves. Oh, and it can help you to lead a revolution in the way you do business.


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