Digital Asset Management & Monetization

Sign, sealed, delivered (… and protected)

One of the greatest trends driven by the increasing use of mobile devices and tablets has been the boom in video content viewed online.
TV stations have increasingly been capitalizing on this trend and providing video content online. The creation of new web channels provides companies with opportunities for increased viewership and revenue but it has also highlighted the need for air-tight content protection. Video piracy and illegal file-sharing websites threaten the prosperity of online channels and production investments, making reliable digital asset management an essential requirement.
CloudTV Digital Asset Management utilizes technology designed specifically by our partner Adobe for the protection of video content. This ensures that the digital content housed in our Asset Management & Workflow platform is protected and only accessed in the way our clients wish it to be.
CloudTV is compatible with all major platforms, including IOS, Android and BlackBerry, enabling the delivery of content to a maximum number of devices. Our industry standard API enables us to seamlessly integrate apps built outside of the CloudTV platform.
CloudTV provides the following monetization solutions following client requirements:

Free to air TV

Advertizing is the main form of monetization in the Free to Air TV model. CloudTV Analytics provides in-depth information on online audiences and enables targeted advertising campaigns to be carried out. We can generate ad space in any of the following ways:
  • Video dynamic CG overlay
  • Picture in picture
  • Closed caption
  • Late-binding audio 

Pay for view

CloudTV Digital Asset Management & Monetization can provide a number of secure payment methods to enable viewers to purchase content:
  • Mobile
  • PayPal
  • Google Checkout
  • Credit Cards
  • Twitter! Yes Sir, Twitter!

Regardless of the monetization model employed the data on views, clicks and viewership is fed into CloudTV Analytics to enrich the base of information captured through CloudTV Social Media.


CloudTV is a set of cloud-based and mobile technologies that enable industry players and marketers to address the real opportunities around social TV from content delivery through curation to analysis, making it possible for you to shape the field as it evolves. Oh, and it can help you to lead a revolution in the way you do business.

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