Content & Workflow Management

Simple. Tailored. On the cloud.

Built specifically to meet the needs of the Media and Entertainment industry, the Content & Workflow Management module provides a simple back-end solution for managing content online as well as internal workflow. 
This core module is the backbone of CloudTV and the gateway to benefiting from our innovative Social Media, Digital Asset Management & Monetization and Experience Gamification modules. It is step one on the road to benefiting from the power of CloudTV’s analytics.
Workflow is carried out visually by clicks – no need to rewrite code or be a programmer to use the system. CloudTV training will provide business users with the knowledge needed to utilize the system and carry out numerous customizations, enabling them to maximize benefits through a back-end that fits their specific requirements. 
Thanks to state of the art cloud technology, our Management & Workflow module can be implemented in 1/5th of the time and at half the cost of typical legacy content management systems. Integration with other technologies and systems can be carried out quickly and seamlessly. An additional benefit? Hardware, capacity and bandwidth issues are wiped clean off the table. Forever.


CloudTV is a set of cloud-based and mobile technologies that enable industry players and marketers to address the real opportunities around social TV from content delivery through curation to analysis, making it possible for you to shape the field as it evolves. Oh, and it can help you to lead a revolution in the way you do business.

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Meet Dukkan Online Business System born to run online businesses. Your website and a central customer database. Email marketing and eCommerce. Web analytics and customer profiling. It's one, central console with everything you need to run your online business.

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Fix2go Onsite Maintenance Management App allows you to manage and track your project sites, project site contacts and fix tickets. Fix2go enables engineers and supervisors on the go to track fix tickets, take photos and of maintenance items and mark them by hand to highlight defects and fixes.

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