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Get your head in the CloudTV 

CloudTV is a set of cloud-based and mobile technologies that enable industry players and marketers to address the real opportunities around social TV from content delivery through curation to analysis, making it possible for you to shape the field as it evolves. Oh, and it can help you to lead a revolution in the way you do business. Ready when you are.

Data is gathered at every opportunity through the various front-ends (ex. web, mobile, smart TV) and is fed back into the back-end of the platform. Information is then segmented, analyzed and presented in our customizable social media dashboard. 

We use only the best industry standard technology enabling us to integrate other systems and elements (ex. Apps or games) into the CloudTV platform.

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There is something about Social media.

Everybody wants to take Social Media out on a date. You’ve just found your wingman. 

We will build unique, fully customized apps and gamified experiences that will engage viewers online and enable them to connect with your programs and advertisers.

Enabling our clients to unlock the potential of social media is at the heart of CloudTV. Our platform was designed specifically to enable TV and Media players to maximize business value through social media management and analytics. CloudTV taps into the vast wealth of data, mines it and feeds it back to the business so that it can be used as a powerful tool to further your business objectives.

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Like a glove

Our CloudTV is ready to roll. Get in the driver’s seat; it was made just for you.Like a glove (cutting-edge technology included).

We pride ourselves on building solutions that meet the needs of our clients and help them meet their objectives. 

CloudTV is simple and user friendly: no need to be a programmer to use the system.  Once business users have undergone a short training, they will be able to use the platform and make customizations themselves.

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Can’t get enough of CloudTV?

You want more? Let’s become partners in innovation.

CloudTV is a partner that not only provides a platform and services but that excels in the design and development of innovative and attractive front-ends.

We will build unique, fully customized apps and gamified experiences that will engage viewers online and enable them to connect with your programs and advertisers.

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Platform Ubiquity

One platform, one back-end, and as many front-ends as you like, all playing nice together.

Operating with the CloudTV platform significantly reduces interoperability issues. Our end-to-end platform operates seamlessly with our CloudTV modules: Content and Workflow Management, Social Media, Digital Asset Management and Monetization,Experience Gamification & Advanced Analytics.

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The only way up is through the cloud.

With the cloud, all of your headaches go up, up, up in the sky. Never to return.

Operating on the cloud is an essential aspect of our system that delivers significant value to our TV and media clients. In the cloud there are no bandwidth or capacity issues. Space becomes elastic, meaning that large amounts of high quality video content, apps and more can be managed and used in CloudTV. Excessive configuration costs and time wasted are eliminated from the equation through the use of our cutting edge cloud technology.

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