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Developed by AJ for Abjad Hawaz with a supporting board game.

Abjad is a perfect city created by a great thinker of his time: “Sheikh Al Abjadiya”. A city where all its citizen are aware of mankind's abuse of mother earth’s blessings, and have arrived at the realization that to change a wrong, one most start with ones’ self. A commitment was made to create a city were its’ people respect earth’s natural resource, and fully understand that those resources are not endless. Led by Sheikh Alabjadiya, they created “Abjad” the city of Alphabets.
Abjad is a city powered by alphabets letters. Letters feed into the main power source of the city “The Generator”, these alphabets are written on a daily basis by “Sheikh Alabjadiya”- a clean endless source of energy that generates from the minds of citizen with only one side effect: plenty of words floating in the air.
On the other side, lies another genius scientist “Sharoor”. Sharoor has invented a way to control certain natural phenomena, like wind, rain, snow and fire. His evil mind puts him on a quest that leads him to “Abjad”: the city with the endless energy source of Alphabets. He attacks Abjad using strong winds, which causes alphabet letters in the generator to scatter all around the city. He threatens of strong natural catastrophes if Sheikh Albajadiya and the people of Abjad do not give him the secret to their powered generator.
Luckily, Sheikh Albajadiya has also invented “A Magic Carpet” which he gives to Jasoor and Jamila to retrieve the scattered alphabets and return them to the generator while aiming to save people, animals and different objects and secure them at a safe place. All this, while battling with the natural catastrophes “Sharoor” throws at them.
A great educational and entertaining game aimed at children between 4-8 developed by AJ for Abjad Hawaz.
Wamda.com is a platform designed to empower entrepreneurs in the MENA region. It takes a 360 degree approach to providing the support that entrepreneurs need, filling the gaps in the emerging MENA ecosystem via their site. Wamda recently featured an article about the Abjad City Game we developed for Abjad Hawaz. You can read the full article here.

Featured on Best Apps for Kids!

"This amazing app is much more than a game! Kids will be learning the 28 letters of The Arabic Language and having a blast while they are at it. They will also be picking up on a bit of basic vocabulary. This is a very exciting game that take you flying away on a magic carpet to collect the scattered objects, such as Arabic letter, that were tossed everywhere in an attempt to destroy Abjab City! This app has a green theme and we all love teaching our kids about environmental health. The levels include themes that cover Animals, Fruits & Vegetables, Actions, Professions, Body Parts, and Objects. You can choose to be a boy or girl hero! The App is available for both the iPhone and iPad.

It’s a beautiful world we live in. This app helps all of us with the ever growing knowledge that we are all one people – just different – so let’s explore the differences and help to heal the world! Teachers: This would be a great app for break time or reward time in class! Even apps can change the world through the talents and hearts of fantastic developers!"

Mary Buchanan
Director, BestAppsForKids.org

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