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Make way for two-way viewing

Digital Asset Management

One of the greatest trends driven by the increasing use of mobile devices and tablets has been the boom in video content viewed online. TV stations have increasingly been capitalizing on this trend and providing video content online.

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Social Media Curation 

Viewer tweets and posts can be used to deliver positive messages about shows and create a buzz on social networks. But with so many of them being created at the same time, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

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Experience Gamification

Gamified experiences can be a powerful tool since the engagement of viewers can directly lead to increased viewership and revenue. The second screen phenomenon is thriving thanks to viewers whose hunger for gamified experiences is driven by their desire to interact.

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Social Media Monetization 

CloudTV Digital Asset Management & Monetization can provide a number of secure payment methods to enable viewers to purchase content Regardless of the monetization model employed the data on views, clicks and viewership is fed into CloudTV Analytics to enrich the base of information captured through CloudTV Social Media.

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Mobile Front Ends 

Data is gathered at every opportunity through the various mobile front-ends and is fed back into the back-end of the platform. Information is then segmented, analyzed and presented in our customizable social media dashboard. We use only the best industry standard technology enabling us to integrate other systems and elements (ex. Apps or games) into the CloudTV platform.

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Powerful Widgets

In addition to fully customized builds, the CloudTV Gamification package includes gamified widgets that can be customized, without recoding, by clients using our Widget Editor. Widgets offer a quick and cost-effective solution to providing engaging front-ends. 

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Powerful Analytics

If knowledge is power, then the avalanche of data generated through social media and in particular by your engaged viewers is good news, right? Not necessarily. Since the boom in social networking, keeping up with and making sense of the huge amounts of new information available has been a challenge for the industry. 

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Salesforce.com Integration 

Although customers do not need to have Salesforce.com Sales Cloud (CRM), CloudTV is fully integrated with Salesforce.com Sales Cloud (CRM) for clients who already have Salesforce.com CRM.

Power Under the hood

Natively, our cloud apps powers over 150 Out-of-the-Box features using Force.com and provides critical enterprise capabilities including a web services API, workflow engine, reporting & analytics, security and sharing model, and mobile support/ The Power of Multi-Tenancy: One unified, multi-tenant system architecture means seamless upgrades from us and our partners at Salesforce.com to you and to your customers.